Welcome to Fetal Doppler Hire ... hear the heart beat of your unborn baby from 10 weeks with one of our professional quality fetal dopplers.

We are a leading supplier of professional fetal dopplers for hire. When hiring a fetal doppler you can be reassurred that you will be receiving a first class product and service. Our company is UK based and staff are available to answer any questions you have about hiring one of our fetal dopplers.

Fetal Doppler Hire Our fetal Doppler hiring service offers you a more affordable and flexible way to use a fetal doppler. Our fetal doppler hire models are of extremely high quality and our rates are amongst the most competitive around!

Choose from one of our three professional fetal dopplers:-

Bronze - Basic Sound Fetal Doppler Hire (No LCD) - £9.95 per month

Silver - Fetal Doppler Hire with LCD for heart beat rate - £17.95 per month

Gold - Fetal Doppler hire with LCD & waterproof probe (water births) - £22.95 per month


I would like to say a huge thank you for allowing myself and my family to have such a wonderful experience by using the doppler. I will be in touch to order a tens machine soon. Many thanks.

Nina, Kent

Thank you for the chance to hear how our baby girl is doing

Mrs Holloway, Manchester

Wow! thank you, very good customer service, I will recommend you to all our new pregnant friends!

Richard, Coventry

We enjoyed using the Doppler throughout the pregnancy and have recommended your service to several of our friends.

Graeme, Northern Ireland

Thanks very much. I found this to be an amazing product and I'm just sad to see it go!!

Sean & Louise, Scotland

Once baby decided to come out of hiding, I found it very reassuring to hear the heartbeat! I can now feel movement (which is fab!), so that's why I'm returning the doppler early.

Ms Watch

Thank you very much for your excellent service

S Loveridge,

I am returning the fetal Doppler. This has been a god send at times. Thank you for the service you provide. I hope to keep in touch with you all. You've been very kind every time I've called.

Angela, Leicester

Thank you very much it was lovely to be able to listen to baby's heartbeat during the pregnancy and we are now proud parents to baby Thomas.

Caroline, Derbyshire

Just to let you know we will be returning the doppler we have been renting from you. Thank you very much it has been lovely to listen to babys heartbeat during the pregnancy. Thanks again

C Durkin

Thank you for the sonicaid. The baby was born on 29th October and it was reassuring to have this item as it helped through providing peace of mind. Thank you once again.

Ms Telemore, London

Fab Doppler, thank you x x

Simon, High Wycombe

Thanks for custom, have recommended to friends, will gladly do business in upcoming years. Thanks again.

Jennifer, Renfrewshire

Thank you the Doppler was a real help.

Emma, Cambs

I have found it [fetal doppler] very reassuring and I was going to rent it for another month, however I am having that many movements now that I don't really need it. Thank you very much for the wonderful service I have received.

Natalie Wilkinson, Shropshire

Thank you for your service- most reassuring to my wife, particularly with those quiet days. We now have a wonderful son. Thanks again

T Pearson, Tamworth

Thank you for lending us this wonderful piece of equipment, it has been such a source of relief the past few months! Thanks again.

L Stewart, Liverpool

Thank you so much for this wonderful machine. It has given us so much peace of mind and many a magical moment. It has brought us all closer together as a family…Having this to listen to connected me to the baby so much more and it has really helped my toddler connect with the 'bump'. Thank you again.

Daisy Bees, Radstock

I have enjoyed every minute of using it [fetal Doppler], and now can feel baby kicking, so feel I dont need it now. Many Thanks

Emma Robinson

My baby was born 12 weeks early. I wish to thank you as without the Doppler the last few weeks of my pregnancy would have been far scarier than they were. Thanks again.

D Baker, Nottinghamshire

We have loved listening to our baby and have bored everyone we know! Many thanks.

Miss Hill, Herts

Thank you for the usage of this, both my sister and I have had clear minds that all is well when we can hear are little's ones.

D Luck, Northampton

This product (fetal doppler) was definitely a great product to hire. Thank you for providing an amazing experience and much sought reassurance over the past few months.

C Forbes

Many thanks (for the doppler) it has been a great comfort having it.

S Ashcroft

This is a fantastic service you offer - well done, will definitely be recommending to my friends who become pregnant in the future.

L Dalgleish, Edinburgh

Thank you for your excellent prompt service. I hope to be able to use one again in the future.

Ms Cox, Bournemouth

I just wanted to say thank you as the service has been faultless and I will definitely use your company again in the future and recommend you to my friends and family.

R Needham, Leicester

The Doppler came this morning and I'm so thrilled, i promptly filled my bladder to bursting point and after reading the instructions gave it a go. Well i wasn't expecting to hear anything as i was just with the midwife on Monday and she couldn't hear anything, so to my surprise after about 10 mins of moving it about and only hearing my own whooshing sound, bingo i actually heard it. I of course doubted myself so had a listen to me again and then the baby and its definitely different, faster and not as loud. I had been convinced id had a missed miscarriage as my signs werent as strong i wasnt running to the loo like i was and what with the midwife not hearing anything so as you can imagine i am so relieved and jumping around like a child. I rang my husband and now of course he cant wait to come in from work to hear it. So i cant thank you enough for providing a well needed service to worried mums to be. I dont have to needlessly worry from now till my scan i can relax thanks to you. I would like to add that if any other mums cant find the heart beat, filling your bladder is key as mine wasnt full at the midwife visit and it was today. (I am 10wks 6days) So once again thank-you

L Gallagher

Thank you very much for the hire of the doppler. We will use you again.

C Howells, Cardiff

The doppler has been hugely reassuring over the past few months - and now I'm about to drop any day now! Phew.

N Ashley, Surrey

May I take the opportunity to express my joy at having dealt with your company. Your emails and manner are friendly yet professional. The Doppler itself was excellent and provided much relief to my wife and I in the early stages of pregnancy. (We've now had a gorgeous baby girl). I look forward to recommending your company to another who needs it when the opportunity arises. Until next time, best regards.

S Mckie, Merseyside

The doppler has been a fantastic item! I got it for my sister as she was panicing she had miscarried and this has reasured her. Thanks very much.

D Hackett, Norwich

Thank you for your service. I've enjoyed listening to my baby's heartbeat with the Doppler and found in very reassuring.

K Grey, Swansea

Thanks for such a quick delivery and great machine, it has really given me peace of mind in the weeks that I have had it.

V Seager, Dartford

Thank you, it was a pleasurable listening experience!

A Alexander, Middlesex

I am feeling a lot of movement now I am almost 26 weeks I don't really feel it as essential to have a doppler now as much as I did in the early weeks when it was very reassuring. Thank you very much for a terrific service, I will recommend you to family and friends.

Karen, Huntingdon

On a personal note I would like to say how invaluable the Doppler has been to us and a real comfort and peace of mind. We now have a healthy beautiful baby boy.

Best wishes and Thanks

L Plumb, Chelmsford

Thanks very much, it was a great relief to be able to hear my baby's heartbeat!!!

Y Valery

It was great to have the doppler - I'll definitely be using your service again, and advising my friends. Thank you

V Harry, Richmond

I have been very happy with the doppler and will recommend its usage to other women.

V Brown, Manchester

I'd like to thank you for the doppler machine that I have been hiring from you... it has provided both my partner and I with settled minds when we haven't felt a kick or movement for a while.

I will certainly recommend it to anyone I know who is pregnant..... and as I work in a nursery, a lot of parents become parents again.

Once again, thank you very much.

D Stewart, East Kilbride

Thanks for an excellent service.

H Carvell, Nuneaton

The doppler was great, it helped to settle my girlfriend about the baby being ok before he started kicking.

A Cook, Merseyside

I'm now 25 weeks pg ive decided to return the doppler as im no longer using it everyday. Its been really useful to have for the last few months!

A Whitlam, Leeds

Many thanks for renting it to me, I found it very reassuring to hear the baby whenever I wanted.

N Silcock, Wallasey

Many thanks for the last 2 months rental, it has been very re-assuring. Thank you.

K Booth, Walsall

My baby was born on 2nd July, and I would just like to say what a comfort I found the Doppler throughout my pregnancy. I would definitely recommend your services to other expectant mothers. Your rental service is fast and efficient and I am very happy with my HI-baby experience, I would definitely use you again.

A Mowlem,

Just a quick mail to say thank you for the fast service provided by your company.

I placed the above order late Friday afternoon and was delighted to receive the product early the very next morning! Excellent service and much appreciated. Many thanks.

C Sleeman, Truro

Thank you for your service. It was very useful because it put my wife's mind at rest knowing that the baby was ok after the miscarriage in October. Now we are only 8 weeks away.

We hope to use you again in the future. Many thanks

J Hewitt, Wigan

We have now returned the baby monitor and it should be with you now...we found it very useful and fun.

S Cooper, Suffolk

Meant to email you this week to say thanks. My friend received her gift on Saturday, which I thought was amazingly quick , given I only placed the order Friday afternoon. She is going through an incredibly tough time and I wanted to give her a bit of encouragement. She was really pleased with her parcel.

Many thanks. I would certainly use your site again and recommend it to others.

S Puleston, Honiton

Many thanks - the doppler was fantastic!

C Whitfield, Hull

Thank you very much for the rental of the doppler. It provided great re-assurance especially in the early months and we felt that it also helped bond with our baby. I have recommended your services to other pregnant friends and would not hesitate to use your product again. Excellent, speedy delivery, clear instructions & customer service too!

Mr & Mrs Clark, Essex

I would just like to say that the doppler has given me great re-assurance through the first 6 months of my pregnancy and it was great to be able to let family and friends hear the baby's heart beat.

Many thanks & kind regards A Gray

Thank you for the wonderful experience x

Emma, Oxon

Thank you very much for the Doppler! I really enjoyed being able to listen to my baby :o)

Annika, Poole

I would like to say what a wonderful service you have offered, the piece of mind has helped. I will be giving your name and details to other friends who are thinking of hiring dopplers in the the early stages of pregnancy...thank you ever so much.

Nicola M, Essex

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help - the Doppler arrived this morning and we've tried it already and have listened to baby's heartbeat! Having had a previous miscarriage and a few scares in this one already, we are so reassured being able to listen to it when we like.

Thanks ever so much again.


Thank you for the use of a Doppler. It put my mind at rest greatly, now my little one is kicking me regularly. Many thanks.


I have had great fun using the Doppler and will return thank you very much. I couldn't ask for a better service.


Many thanks

It gave me lots of assurance to have it handy.


I will definitely be recommending it to people as it was brilliant. Thank you.


Many thanks for such a superb service, it was such a relief to be able to tune into the baby at any time and hear her heartbeat, especially after two losses. It was so quick and easy to rent the Doppler from you and the whole service has been completely stress free, even when we wanted to extend by another month, should we get pregnant again, I would definitely come back to you.

Thanks again,


Thank you so much for offering this service. The unit has been an absolute must throughout my pregnancy and I have loved the reassurance it gave me.


I received the Doppler at 8.00a.m. The very next day, what a marvelous piece of equipment!!!!! I've made everybody have a listen!!!

Amie Staples

Thank you very much for the Doppler. I'm sure you are making a lot of pregnant women very reassured. Good on you.

Jez, Essex

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Doppler and my partner and I have found it very reassuring to listen to. My other two children have found it very exciting to listen to also!


Can't believe the order arrived this morning after only ordering yesterday. What a surprise. Brilliant service, thank you

Helen, York

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“I just wanted to say thank you as the service has been faultless and I will definitely use again in the future and recommend you to my friends and family.”

R Needham, Leicester

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